11/22 FR: Akwaaba on radio nova

Bintou Simporé is following up with Akwaaba’s founder Benjamin Lebrave, after a first interview in december 2008, right after the launch of our first release.

Bintou is the historic “sono mondiale” pusher, big supporter of a wide range of sounds from Africa – her show Néo Géo’s been on the air since 1992!! Learn about Bintou – and practice your French – here.

What? Where? When? 6pm Paris time (GMT + 1), 101.5FM in Paris, novaplanet.com for the rest of us.

11/11 Indepêndencia de Angola

In 1975, Angola became independent from Portugal, months after the fall of Salazar’s Estado Novo. Rather than repeat the story, read it in wikipedia. To celebrate Angola and its culture, Julia of Africa Kabisa on WMBR is having an Angolan music special on Sunday Nov 22, 4-6pm EST. Julia will interview Akwaaba founder Benjamin Lebrave between 5 and 6pm. Tune in at 88.1FM in the greater Boston area, or stream at wmbr.org, or get the direct stream link… here. Learn more about Africa Kabisa here.

Fascinating Afropop special

Read Wayne Marshall’s interview here. Wayne is the Wayne & Wax guy. If you don’t know his blog, well, since you’re here you’d probably dig his site, an always insightful blog on new music trends with a foot – or two – in cross-Atlantic syncopated beats. Ghetto tech, tropical bass, you might’ve heard the expressions, Wayne deciphers a lot of it on his blog. As does our good ol’buddy Boima, you’ve seen his name pop up here quite a bit, ya?

08/12 LA: Akwaaba on Cosmic Barrio

Derek Rath, host of Cosmic Barrio every Sunday on KPFK, invites Akwaaba founder Benjamin Lebrave to talk about his recent trip to Angola, Angolan music, African music, Akwaaba, and more of that good stuff. Tune in at 6pm this Sunday July 12, KPFK 90.7fm in LA, online at www.kpfk.org, download here or just listen, right here:

06/27 LA: Afrodicia – KPFK interview

Nnamdi Moweta, host of Afrodicia on KPFK, is having Benjamin Lebrave share some of his Angolan experiences on his show this Saturday June 27 at 3pm PST. Listen at 90.7FM in LA, on the KPFK website, download it here or just listen to it right here: