Jowaa: Asokpor Corner @ Chale Wote


After rocking European stages from Fusion to Lisbon, Jowaa is spearheading the Asokpor Corner at Accra’s Chale Wote Street Art Festival. Chale Wote, now in its eighth year, is one the largest and most influential events happening in Ghana. It will be ridiculously fun to have Jowaa and guests rock the Old Kindsway Building from 4 til 10pm both Saturday and Sunday August 25-26. Here’s the lowdown:

IFKR (Ghana): DJ K3V and Eff the DJ are long time Akwaaba friends and collaborators. After years DJing, it’s great to see them work together on IFKR, releasing tracks and giving us their worthy take at the crossroads of afropop and EDM.

Qumasiquamé (Germany): another captivating Berlin head exploring the intersection of electronic beats and African rhythms. With two decades of DJing under his belt, expect a tightly woven set capturing the various phases and gems amassed throughout the years, as he does in this fantastic set for Boiler Room.

Afrolektra (Ghana): This Accra based producer has been releasing a slew of dance music remixes of current afropop hits, steadily pushing to bridge the gap between EDM and afrobeats. We can expect some unreleased material to be unveiled over the weekend.

Lukas Walters (Germany): free from musical boundaries, we can expect Lukas to give us his exploration of the world of grooves and bass driven music, blending influences from Berlin to Lisbon, from Africa to Brazil and the Caribbean and back to Europe via Detroit, Chicago and London. Check out his Boiler Room set.

DJ Mark (Ghana): a familiar name in many of Accra’s most popular pubs, Mark is one of the DJs pushing the coastal asokpor sound gig after gig all across town.

DJ Future (Ghana): another DJ who’s played sat countless venues in Accra. He brings his dancefloor expertise and passion for asokpor, so don’t expect your feet to stay still.