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June 6, 2011 Comments Off on Spreading Mamã Africana: take this instrumental!! Views: 2915 Angola, Batida, Blog, Free Stuff, Friends, Front Page, Mamã Africana EP, News, Top News

Spreading Mamã Africana: take this instrumental!!

Batida and Akwaaba invite you to take this beat further, sticking to the original concept: the song Lá Vai María is about Mamã Africana, both Africa and the African mother. So we just ask that you stick to the theme: write a song about your own María, about mothers, about Africa, write with a strong social or political touch, and keep it personal.

Then Batida and Akwaaba will together pick some tracks, perhaps releasing them as an EP, an album, or individual free downloads… it all depends on what we see coming through. You can download the instrumental for the next month. After that, much like the original Mamã Africana EP, it will go away…

Ta fixe?

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