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Akwaaba Remixed!!

February 27, 2011 Comments Off on Azingele Remix Contest: “Exercise Patience” Views: 3031 Blog, Events, Friends, Front Page, Ghana, Life is Rough and Smooth, News, Ruff N Smooth

Azingele Remix Contest: “Exercise Patience”


We’ve received a few messages from remixers asking for a bit more time to finish their work. Based on what we’ve heard so far, we have no reason to want to stymie their talent, and our past remix contest have run on African time anyway… so you got yourself an extra couple of weeks to finish up, DEADLINE: MARCH 15. Meanwhile, here are some of the top submissions we received:

Ruff N Smooth – Azingele (Daniel Klauser remix) by klwzer
Ruff n Smooth – Azingele (BitRedux Remix) by BitRedux 2
Ruff-N-Smooth – Azingele (Dance Kill Move Remix) by dancekillmove

And even a dubstep remix… Azingele (th0r Ruff Remix) by th0rmusic

And of course the original track and downloadable acapella:
Azingele Remix Contest by Akwaaba Music

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