Love it when things happen FAST! Don’t let anybody tell you “this is Africa” to justify anything not working or simply not happening. I first discovered Waga 3000 only a few weeks ago, and today we are proud to release their self-titled debut. Meet Art Melody and Joey le Soldat, firm leaders of a new wave of MCs in Burkina Faso, who are not content sticking to bling imagery, but are instead giving a voice to the youth and workers, who are simply tired and pissed: no jobs, rampant corruption, a government which doesn’t embrace the urgency of the situation, day to day life in poverty for most of Burkina’s population.

Art and Joey teamed up with French beatmaker DJ Form of French outfit Tentacule Records, who gives the album a distinct touch: his production is cold and minimal, and despite the urgency in which the album was recorded – 10 tracks in 2 days – the beats are well crafted and compliment the rappers quite well. This collaboration gives Art and Joey an opportunity to have their voices heard beyond Burkina. Support Waga 3000, support Burkina!

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