I love the name of this tape! To all of you who know what it’s like to stare at a dry faucet and spin the tap pointlessly, here is some extra fluid pidgin rap to permeate your day – and contrary to the water company, dis one here b free! Pieced together by Ecxtreme the Lyrical Wanzam, a familiar voice in Ghana’s pidgin rap circles, hailing from Tamale via the Ghetto Reps crew. Wanzam literally means castrator, so MCs, you have been warned. As has been the case with more than one dope mixtape lately, the beats on Afropolytank are by none other than Klu Monsta. I discovered this project through Selorm Jay of Fullish Art, who’s name you will surely see popping up in these pages soon, as he is helping us on a few video projects. And last but not least, final touches on this mixtape were put in by a certain Wanlov the Kubolor

Ecxtreme is fresh out of university as of… tomorrow. So from here on out you can expect further avalanches of beats and rhymes from this talented cat, we will do everything in our power to make it happen!