Pinning down Maga Bo is tough. Not just musically: the man seems to constantly be on the go, making beats and laying vocals anywhere between Senegal and his hometown, Rio de Janeiro. The tracks featured on this mixtape reflect his geographic and sonic range, as Bo puts it:

“100% Maga Bo production with help from some very special friends – Jahdan Blakkamoore (Brooklyn), BNegão (Rio de Janeiro), Ghislain Poirier (Montreal), Filastine (Barcelona), Pacheko (Caracas), Fletcher (Cape Town), Dr. Das (London), Matona (Zanzibar), Abena Koomson (NYC), Teba (Cape Town), Xuman (Dakar), Speed Freaks (Rio de Janeiro) and too many more to try and list (you haven’t been forgotten!!!)…..”

If you place the cursor right under the T in Terras above the player below (14 min in), you’ll hear a sneak peek of a remix Maga Bo did for us… Aunty Adoley, more  about that soon!!

Download (Fairtilizer)