I landed in Accra last night, arrived at my hotel without noticing that right across the street is a radio station! I just met with Quophi, a radio host and hiplife producer. We chat about music, I told him about Akwaaba, and he played a few dancefloor bangers for me… I am about to listen to plenty of current hiplife at Strawberry, a small sidewalk bar right across the street.

Today I also met Ben “ABK”, an artist manager, event promoter, music video director and camera operator. Who also finds time to practice karate for a couple of hours – black belt, 4th dan! I met Ben looking for a CD distributor in a huge outdoor market… needle in the haystack style. Tomorrow he’s taking me to meet with hiplife artists he’s worked with. He played a couple of tracks by KK Fusu and Sherifa Gunu… goo stuff. To be continued!