Baba Salah, Pentatonic Songhai goodness – in French!

ImprimirOur friend Toni Polo of Radio Groovalizacion has spent the last few months in Bamako, digging deep into the rich musical traditions of Mali. He recently interviewed Baba Salah, a musician we featured on our first compilation Akwaaba wo Africa, and more importantly one of Mali’s most celebrated artist – yet a relatively unknown musician outside of Mali! Check back for some more Baba Salah music very soon, and in the meantime let yourself sink into the sounds of Baba… the interview is in French, but you can enjoy plenty of fine music on this great show.

Here’s a repost of a great video interview Toni did with Alou Sangaré:

About Baba Salah

Baba is a Malian  from Gao in northern Mali. Songhai music is often linked with American blues, with its slower tempo and pentatonic scales, and with artists such as Ali Farka Touré blurring the line. Baba Salah is one of the most successful singers at home, yet he has been virtually unknown outside of Africa.