More and more of our favorite DJs, bloggers and radio hosts are showing a lot of love for Akwaaba and our music!! Nnamdi Moweta has been playing a few of our songs in every one of his Afrodicia shows on KPFK. Jon Kerzer, long time host of the Best Ambiance on Seattle’s KEXP and a familiar face for all things African, is into Kofi Sammy. Istanbul has been spreading the sounds of Mamou Sidibé via the great UndoMundo blog. As has DJ Rupture on his show Mudd Up! on WFMU, and Garth Trinidad on his new blog. Khiasma went for Dogo and Diata Sya on his Masala blog, Dutty Artz crew also did a quick piece on Diata Sya’s track Saria, and went for a full (and great) review of Akwaaba wo Africa. Can’t go over the numerous other radio stations playing our music, but we will mention Richmond VA’s WRIR who posted an extensive playlist on Earbender, and The Transglobal Express show on Power 102FM in… Trinidad! And artists and DJs Radioclit, Chief Boima, Uproot Andy and more Chief Boima! Keep spreadin’ it!