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Whether at home in Accra or touring the world from Berlin to Bogotá, BBRAVE‘s passion for African music leaves its mark. Born in Paris to French and American parents, BBRAVE – aka Benjamin Lebrave – has been exposed early to all sorts of music, leading him to buy his first turntables at the tender age of 16, and performing with his hip hop group months later.

Hip hop was the foundation, then came funk, soul, Brazil, the Caribbean…  but when he discovered Ghanaian hiplife and Angolan kuduro in 2006, there was no turning back. He started traveling to Ghana and to other African countries, where he experienced first-hand coupé décalé, ndombolo, afrohouse and countless other vibrant local dances and genres. 

Contemporary African dance and music scenes took BBRAVE by storm, to the point where the bold DJ and entrepreneur relocated to Ghana in 2011. This is where he now runs Akwaaba Music, a label that soon became a trusted outlet for eclectic music from across the African continent.

Now more than ever, BBRAVE is breaking down musical barriers by involving himself in the Accra DJ community, creating an environment where DJs can share their knowledge and skills, in particular with young and upcoming talent. His active influence on the local scene contributes to the quality and diversity of Accra’s nightlife, especially with the addition of afrohouse and Francophone beats to the already electrifying afrobeats scene.

Having played more than 300 gigs across the world, sometimes for crowds of thousands at major festivals like Fusion in Germany or Nyege Nyege in Uganda, BBRAVE is at ease in any party environment, and always ready to electrify any live audience, be it inside a tiny restaurant or a packed night-club.

BBRAVE also makes sure to spread his latest discoveries online, as the curator of the feed (11,500 followers), and with his carefully crafted energetic sets – 20 curated mixes on Soundcloud totalizing more than 100 000 plays.

BBRAVE is on a never-ending quest for the dopest sound and welcomes you to join his pan-african musical adventure!