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May 25, 2018 Comments Off on Max Le Daron – Monin’ Guetin EP Out Today Views: 1862 News

Max Le Daron – Monin’ Guetin EP Out Today

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From festivals to sweaty studios, unnecessarily long bus rides and rounds of ice cold African lagers, Max Le Daron’s numerous trips to East and West Africa have fueled the creation of a body of work which, much like a proper Nollywood film, could only fit into 3 distinctly dense and enticing volumes.

Good stews require carefully layered flavors, a lot of care – and a lot of time. Unless Tomorrow is the living proof that the same applies to music. Years in the making, recorded between Accra, Ouagadougou, Luanda, Kampala, and of course his home turf Brussels, Unless Tomorrow subtly intertwines carefully selected, slowly incorporated ingredients from worlds apart.

The songs have been conceived, dismissed, rebuilt, remixed, put aside, and almost disappeared forever in Akwaaba’s flooded studio in Accra. As if Mami Wata’s might could not accept this creative defeat, the almighty hard drive came back to life, the songs were born again, minds were blown again, and the EPs are here today, ready to bring together the most kinetically challenged dancers with masters of the art of wining the waist.


Max is no novice jumping on the afro-fusion train armed with jollof war memes. This first EP of the Unless Tomorrow trilogy clearly shows a precisely prepared musical puzzle, conceived over numerous trips, countless studio sessions, and genuine rapport with the artists he features. 

“When I speak to you, your eyes turn red” – the chorus of Monin’ Guetin sets the tone for the darkest of Max Le Daron’s 3 EP opus. Burkinabè MC Joey Le Soldat refers to an ancient proverb which in essence says that the truth disturbs. Bars are spitted to disturb, genres and countries are blurred to disturb, sounds are fused together to fit equally well in a dark warehouse or a hypnotic, hot and dusty cypher. This 5 track EP is a first glimpse into Max Le Daron’s musical obsessions.