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Lala Shishi :King Monada – Malwedhe

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Lala Shishi – explain the song, in Ga.

             Every week, we will shed some light on the meaning of current hits in and out of Ghana: many bangers have an underlying message or social commentary, carried out using sophisticated and ever evolving wordplay – an aspect that is vastly lost in translation. The music videos don’t always unlock the true meaning or intricacies of hit songs, and lyrics alone are not always enough to understand the numerous double entendre and wordplays, so… here we go!

  King Monada – Malwedhe

                   We chanced on an article ” Collapsing “disease” hits Zim, SA “, intrigued we decided to find out what is causing this “disease” and if there is any cure . You might have seen videos from South Africa and Zimbabwe, were people listen to a song , it gets to the chorus and they act like they’ve collapsed/Died. It turned out this collapsing disease is caused by a song titled ” Malwedhe by King Monada. Malwedhe is the biggest song in South Africa now. It has gone viral and all over social media you see people doing the #IdibalaDanceChallenge . It has an interesting back story to it, earning a feature on LaLa Shishi

                  The dance sees fans falling to the ground at the chorus and words: kena le bolwedhe bja go idibala (I have an sickness of collapsing). Malwedhe(which vaguely translates as collapse), addresses a lover that if she leaves him, he will faint. Thus, when the song gets to the hook around the rhythmic chants of “Idibala… Idibala…,” people mimic fainting to practice was the song preaches. ” Malwedhe aka akamo maratong. ( My sickness is rooted in love ralationships or comes from love relationships) . Kena Le Bolwedhe bja go idibala ( I have a sickness of collapsing) Wa nhlala kea idibala ( If you break up with me, i collapse) ” .

                          This song has set a tone for a break away from the regular gqom/afrohouse vibe that S.A is known for. Its a christmas jam and we cant wait to idibala (collapse) the next time its played.

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