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Lala Shishi :DJ Jimmy Jatt Ft. Olamide x Reminisce – Small Girl Big God

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Lala Shishi – explain the song, in Ga.

             Every week, we will shed some light on the meaning of current hits in and out of Ghana: many bangers have an underlying message or social commentary, carried out using sophisticated and ever evolving wordplay – an aspect that is vastly lost in translation. The music videos don’t always unlock the true meaning or intricacies of hit songs, and lyrics alone are not always enough to understand the numerous double entendre and wordplays, so… here we go!

  DJ Jimmy Jatt Ft. Olamide x Reminisce –Small Girl Big God

                   Small Girl Big God as it sounds literally means ” A small girl with a big God who does wonderful things for Her” DJ Jimmy Jatt one of the biggest Djs in Nigeria, teams up with Olamide and Reminice to deliver this dope afrobeats song. The song title is a trending term on social media hence its feature on Lala Shishi

                     Small Girl Big God is a social media term used to describe ” Boss Chicks”. Boss chicks are women who got their own. They are rich and always showoff on social media, even-though what they’re into isn’t really known, they usually present themselves as entrepreneurs.

                            In this song, Olamide talks about women who have sugar daddies to sponsor their lifestyles. They have rich men who are mostly old, who give them money, buy cars and houses. As the chorus goes ” Sare wagba, wagba dollar, sare wagba, ko wa gba pounds ” meaning ” Run here to collect-run here to collect , Come collect dollar-Come collect pounds . Basically, he is saying the girl moves from one man to another just to collect money.

                            Whiles we dance to this song we must as well enjoy the beautiful story behind it..

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