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DJ Spotlight: Eff The Dj (Ghana)

Music, especially of the loud, danceable kind, is ubiquitous in most of Africa. Yet DJs, the artisans behind the walls of sound, often remain in the shadow. This is not how we roll: we want you to find out who is pushing the envelope throughout the continent.

This week, we introduce to you Eff The Dj, based in Accra (Ghana).  we are grateful and happy to share with you his latest mix for us, along with the following interview:


When did you start DJing – and what or who were your early passions and influences?

Somewhere in 2011,2012. I originally learnt from DJ K3V but other inspirers are Kobby Graham, Diplo, Major Lazer…and loads of hip-hop. Its all I was listening to at the time I started learning.

What type of dj are you and how do you fit into the industry in Ghana?

Lol an interesting question. I don’t think I’m cut for every type of event as we speak but I really do enjoy playing open spaces where people aren’t even obliged to listen to the music. People just being themselves and having a good time because they like whatever that’s going on around them.

What is something that bugs you about the DJ scene?

I’d say a major part of our market is not open to a lot of experimentation. So you can start out with a very diverse playing style, and song selection but after a while, you end up becoming tied to the more popular genres and styles, kinda killing your ‘originality’. Is the crowd lazy, or the DJs aren’t challenging their ear? Chicken and egg situation?

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As an attendee?

Very recently it’ll have to be July Fest. Great DJ bill, I had a good set, great performers, and I got to perform with Akan. What a guy!

What is your goal as a DJ, and what are the next steps for you to get there?

I just dropped a joint project with DJ K3V. U Hxve Nx Idxv…so that’s really where a lot of my focus is at right now but in the long term, think Black Coffee. Globetrotting to do sold out shows on big stages, all that good stuff. Steps to take to get there is being able to connect to international markets while selling the local sound as well, which is what K3V and I attempted on the project. Y’all should check it out.

Can you tell us a bit about this mix, what it represents and means to you? Does it reflect what you sound like live?

This mix holds some of my recent discoveries of music from Africa, and some of my favorite rising talents from the Ghanaian scene. The mix represents growth and freedom.


  1. Assumptions (Produced By Nanzoo) –  Bryan The Mensah
  2. Tasty ft. Magnom (Prod by Magnom) – Ojo
  3. Sober (Prod. by Uche B)  –  Kay-T ft B4bonah
  4. Popping Ft Ödartei Odunsi  Darkovibes – Kuvie
  5. Sober (Prod. by Uche B) – Kay-T ft B4bonah
  6. Tombouctou – Inna Modja
  7. One Ghana prod. Genius Selection  – Worlasi
  8. Take Your Somtin Ft. Kwesi Arthur (Prod. by NOVA)  – Twitch
  9. Uyimbube (Produced By Boye) –  bS
  10. Blue Ticks ft Legacy, TeePhlow   – #IFKR
  11. 5 Fingers – OfficialKwame
  12. Bie Mu ft Hama, $pacely  –  #IFKR
  13. Bad Decisions ft Kula – #IFKR
  14. Tick Tock (Prod by Team Salut – Eugy
  15. Lie B3n Ft. Ayat –  #IFKR
  16. Kazo(Prod by Nxwrth) –  Harmattan Rain
  17. I Need A Drop – Kwey B
  18. Bangers –  DarkoVibes ft AYAT
  19. peek a boo from cuba to brazil – nostra
  20. Darling Falling (Feat. Kwesi Arthur)  –  BRYAN THE MENSAH
  21. TeeShi  – Kay-T ft Ayat & RJZ

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