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July 13, 2018 Comments Off on Accra Nightlife: Altcarbon Views: 2605 News

Accra Nightlife: Altcarbon

The landscape of Accra’s nightlife has evolved a great deal since I moved here in 2011. Rapid economic growth means new restaurants, bars and nightclubs open on a regular basis, so when it comes to entertainment here… we have options 😉

Even though I’m a huge advocate of Ghanaian pop music, and afrobeats in general, I love to hear other varieties of African music put forward here. So I’m very excited to join Altcarbon, the newest Saturday night party at one of the city’s most sought after clubs, Carbon.

“Altcarbon does not fit into the conventional landscape. It’s meant to sit outside the norm of Accra nightlife: flexing and showing off.” These are the words of Jam Jar, brother and sister Guido and Frances Quarcoopome, already (in)famous for their Roof on Fire parties. “Alt is made so the creators, artists, the ladies and their gentlemen can have a  truly unique visual and auditive experience.”

Altcarbon is fast becoming the premiere afrohouse and EDM night in Accra, as well as a central space for creatives and celebrities alike. Artists such as Seyi Shay, Kuvie, Sister Deborah and Efya have already passed through to premiere their music, and some of the most exciting visual artists in Ghana have been showcasing their art, among them Serge Attukwei Clottey, Artsoul Kojo and Midichi.

And then, the DJs…! Long time collaborators Pizaro and Isaac Cool are residents by my side, along with regulars such as TMSKD DJ, Vision DJ, Rab Bakari, Fro, SDK and Fui. Below are bits of what you can expect when you come through. And if you are pushing a similar scene somewhere on this continent, you have a home here when you come to Accra, let’s join forces!

  • NYM-4
  • _MSP1451
  • NYM-2
  • _MSP3548
  • _MSP4547
  • _MSP3524
  • _MSP1004
  • _MSP1091
  • NYM-27
  • 30420437_1556670501116933_3810207468729573122_o
  • _MSP3449

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