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April 9, 2010 Comments Off on Os Mais Potentes “Yoyó” on latest Fader Mag 7″ Views: 2876 Angola, kuduro, News, Top News

Os Mais Potentes “Yoyó” on latest Fader Mag 7″

In the Fader’s own words:

“The 12th installment of the FADER/Southern Comfort 7-inch series is an upbeat one, with MNDR’s electronic fizz pop and loud and grimy kuduro straight from Angola’s Os Mais Potentes. We’ve been a fan of MNDR’s hyper energy for a long time and have long loved the releases on Akwaaba Music, so to pair two exclusive tracks from the realest dance music makers from New York and Africa, respectively, together on one 7-inch is a pretty exciting and special thing. We’ve also got some wild Egyptian-inspired artwork by Keren Richter on the cover.”

You can download both tracks for free on the Fader’s website. And if you want a copy of the vinyl, leave a comment on their page!


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