Kedjevara – Le Meteorman

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Past Posts about Kedjevara:

  • Chop Our Music – 2 year Anniversary Super Release! January 1, 2011   Hard to believe, but it was just over 2 years ago that our first release, Akwaaba wo Africa, came out worldwide. What a journey it’s been since then! 2 dozen releases spanning the gamut from Nigerian highlife to Gambian griot kora, Angolan kuduro to Benin salsa… We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with artists from ...
  • Crowd Krushers – Krush on Akwaaba Mixtape just in! November 8, 2010 Heyyyo! Remember these cats? Yep, same doods we rocked Mancuso with last September in Tübingen! What a warm welcome… these cats are not only fantastic party DJs, who know how to appreciate a good African groove in their sets, they are also ideal hosts to a wonderful – yet not soooo famous – German city. ...
  • Kedjevara – Chékélé November 7, 2009
  • Kedjevara about his Tchoucou Tchoucou positions.. October 27, 2009 In French only… for now at least… but a lot of the gestures are pretty self-explanatory, so keep practicing!
  • 10/13 WW: Kedjevara – Le Meteorman September 5, 2009
  • Kedjevara – Tchoucou Tchoucou June 24, 2009
  • Kedjevara – Bobaraba June 24, 2009
  • 02/03 US: Move it Chaleh! iTunes Release January 26, 2009 Move it Chaleh! Words you might hear at an outdoor chop bar in Accra, Ghana, a calling for you to get up and shake it. A hint to the pungent grooves blasting out of subwoofers and beat up sound systems throughout West Africa today. Smaller, cheaper studios are sprouting all over big African cities, allowing a ...
  • Mogo whitey… Coupé décalé invasion! December 7, 2008 Until we drop our second release, packed with Ivorian and Ghanaian jams, check out this video about the coupé décalé phenomenon. You can also read a very good article about it and a nice short mix by our friend Eddie STATS of the Fader.
  • 11/18 WW: Akwaaba vs Chief Boima November 19, 2008 Akwaaba is launching a podcast to showcase more music, more interpretations of the Akwaaba sound, and more collaborations with artists from all over the globe. The first episode is a pungent DJ mix by our good friend DJ Chief Boima (SF, He mixes in 8 tracks from our upcoming second release, Chaleh Move It!, which ...

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