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Akwaaba is proud to have in its catalogue the 2nd release by one of Kenya’s most talented collectives, Just A Band. “82” is an album that we hope will stand the test of time. Often, when combined, creative minds can come up with something special when working together. Just A Band, being a brotherhood of 3 talented artistic minds, has brought to life a unique musical experience in the shape of “82”. From the very first track the listener is invited to dive into JAB’s world where up tempo/club rhythms (“Huff + Puff” bounce side by side with great melody driven songs, reminiscent of their home country (“Migingo Express”). Deep and soulful vibes (“Save my soul”, “Stay”) are surrounded by straight-forward urban expression and revolt (“Usinibore”) and modern day sarcasm (“Extra”). Original and impulse-shaped creativity is present throughout “82” making it a sincere musical statement.
As Just A Band themselves say: “Just A Band are Blinky, Dan and Jim. We put this album together ourselves, as always (despite a countrywide power rationing program – blackouts 3 days a week!)… We live in the same house – our friends call it Just A House – and being in a band is mostly fun, except for the days when all three of us are broke… We were all born in 1982, hence the album’s title. This was the year a military coup was staged in Kenya – so our mothers were all under some duress. Twenty one years passed before we all met up and decided to start
a band…”

Past posts about Just A Band:

  • Just A Band – The Creative Challenge July 7, 2012 A nice documentary about Just A Band via Norway. As Oslo’s Westerdals school puts it: “Filmstudents Kenneth Karlstad and Kim Krohn Berle challenge the four guys in Just a Band to make a music video with certain constrains.”
  • Just A Band & Nonini: Nerdy Genge Boys Band? January 26, 2012 You know Just A Band, but have you heard of Nonini? If you haven’t, clearly you are not Kenyan. This guy practically created genge, Nairobi’s own take on hip hop. He teamed up with the Band to redo their hit song Ha-He… video is coming soon, stay chooned!
  • Just A Band – Huff + Puff (video) December 7, 2011 It’s here!!! The Band has been keeping the next video on the hush hush…. but here it is, visual goodness from our favorite Kenyan Super Nerdy Boys Band. Album available in iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, Bandcamp, eMusic…. you name it!
  • Just A Band: Kudish! The Sound of Soup April 19, 2011 Straight from Just A Band‘s website: From the first time we ever went on stage (in August 2008 – nerve-wracking!) for live performances and/or DJ-sets, we’ve always prepared some remixes of our own songs (and other Kenyan songs we like) to play before we start or after we finish. We’ve never released any of those remixes ...
  • 12/01 DE: BLNRB – Just A Band + more in Berlin! November 19, 2010 At long last! Just A Band come to perform in Europe, more specifically Berlin, as part of the NRBLN – BLNRB cultural exchange program initiated by the Goethe Institute. At the infamously awesome Haus der Kulturen der Welt on December 1, do not miss it!! BLNRB | Berlin Show | HKW | 01 •12• 2010 from ...
  • 06/19 UK: Just A Band in The Guardian June 22, 2010 Our friend Gervase de Wilde writes for the Guardian, and we’ve been secretly hoping he’d get Just A Band a feature in the paper… but as it turns out the band shows up in the travel section as a fine example of Nairobi’s lively music scene. No need to paraphrase, just click on the image!
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  • Wonderful -but unembeddable (!) video about Just A Band April 13, 2010 Not sure why you would CHOOSE to make a youtube video non-embeddable… hopefully this won’t scare you away, and you’ll make the daring decision to click here and watch the video – you won’t regret it!
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