Double – Tatali Remix EP

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About one year ago, Double made it onto the main stage in Ghana with their first major hit “Walai Talai”. This song was an instant favorite, and  got us eager to work with these cats on their next hit. So we present to you Tatali, a funny song about what Americans call… cougars. Older women who act and dress like young girls, often searching for true love, true being of the much younger variety.

The song was also a good excuse to go for some more international Ghana collaborations. Without further adue:

DJ Los Carlos: This up and coming Rotterdam based producer is crazy for kuduro. This is the secon time he makes a kuduro remix for Akwaaba, the first one being the great remix of Elegom Bounsa by DJ Djeff and Maskarado.

Kosta Kostov: Versatile DJ and producer with roots in the Balkans – both literally and musically, Born in Bulgaria, based in Germany, at home around the world, Kosta recently put out a great EP for UrbanWorld, and is now schooling us to his djigit style.

DJ Reaganomics: perhaps the artist with the greatest name in the entire world, Reaganomics is a mixtape master, with close to three decades of mashing sounds together under his belt. In recent years Reaganomics has embraced tropical and booty sounds from all over the world. As exemplified quite well with his remix.

Bigote: Madrid-based multifaceted artist, Bigote moves among photography, visual art and… music. His DJ sets include many Latin American musical genres, as do his productions, bridging the gap between the Americas and Europe.

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