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mai 5, 2014 Commentaires fermés sur Ded Buddy (Qweci) feat. Black prophet – « Login » Views: 2847 Free Stuff, Ghana

Ded Buddy (Qweci) feat. Black prophet – « Login »


Ded Buddy aka Qweci has been pumping tunes into the system for close to two decades now, and may be considered the comeback champion of Ghana: every few years he manages to drop a hit, then goes back to the shadows – notably of New York where he spent a few years – then comes back with a hit. This here is his latest, a song which stands out from most of his other tunes available on his soundcloud.

« Login to us meant what ever you feel like doing, just do it. We had to base our topic around common recurring scenarios, like not having money, but you still gotta have fun. In a way it’s the ultimate hustlers anthem haha »

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