Waga 3000

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This project came to life when two Burkinabé MCs, Art Melody and Joey Le Soldat, met French beatmaker DJ Form.

The name of the group refers to the Ouaga 2000 development project, a luxurious neighborhood where the elite and businessmen congregate from all over West Africa, only steps away from the poor neighborhoods of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.

Boldly blending electronic music and hip hop, retrofuturistic, Waga 3000 mainly talks about the youth in Ouaga’s hoods, tired of living day to day without any future, deep into poverty, corruption and violence.

The two rappers of Waga 3000, by rapping on these electronic beats, also want to show that they are not prisoners of their culture, and like any artist, they can carry their heritage (Warba music) while projecting themselves into contemporary sounds. The vocals, recorded in Ouagadougou in two days, reflect the urgency of a critical situation in Africa, and a youth eager for change.

Without any real media relays, Waga 3000’s two rappers have become the spokesmen for the entire Burkinabé youth, students, shopkeepers, farmers and artists well and ready to „Remain strong and feisty“ as the first track of the album suggests.

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