Tchobari – Kwatsiru

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Tchobari is the Angolan duo made up of rapper Sarissari and producer Tchoboly, who’s worked with many of Angola’s top artists, from Anselmo Ralph (kizomba) to Game Walla (kuduro) to Kalibrados (hip hop). As these collaborations suggest, Tchobari blends diverse styles and sounds into what Tchoboly dubs kwatsiru.

Kwatsiru is also the name of this much anticipated debut album, two years in the making since the release of Tchobari’s singles E Male and Quem Mandou Me Nascer in 2012.

The two playfully flirt with many Angolan genres, and feature a slew of gracious voices to support their vision: Tchobari insist on making music people can relate to, music which is both familiar and innovative. They fuse typical Angolan elements, semba guitars, kizomba beats, afrohouse or ndombolo type beats, into a distinct brew which not only sets them apart from current Angolan trends: Tchobari is redefining Angolan pop music.

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