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Jojo Abot – Pi Lo Lo (video)

Phenomenal new song and video by Jojo Abot. I had to ask her the story behind it, here it goes:

„Fyfya Woto as a project was birthed out of a great sense of appreciation for how far we’ve come as a people. I needed to acknowledge the challenges brought on by the divisions we designed ourselves based on cultural, religious, racial and traditional beliefs. I felt a sense of conviction being back in Ghana for three years. I came to realize that my identity is deeply rooted in the history of my people as an Anlo but beyond that, I’ve also come to realize and accept that our ways are not „barbaric“ but rather strong pillars of great wisdom that sustain our rich culture.

Pi Lo Lo as a song represents a chapter in Fyfya Woto’s story. It’s the point at which her forbidden lover confesses to their romantic relationship in a desperate attempt to save himself. In his version of the story she is much more than a willing participant, she is the consenting adult and maybe even the initiator.  She confirms with a desperate „nyatefe woto“ as he narrates her passionate requests. In the end however, he loses his head due to a simple truth, African customs and traditions are rarely designed to be disobeyed especially by a foreigner. The punishment for the taboo of fornication in this land is death. Simple and short.

A portion of the second verse:

Ne Dawo leo

bobobo eku


You can never stop no

If your mother catches you

Damn you’re dead

Feels so goddam good

You can never stop no

„My creative flow right now is all about experimentation. I love the foundations of jazz, soul, hiphop and afrobeat… I’m simply pushing the boundaries a bit to see how I can make it all my own to tell my story as well as the stories of strong women like my grandmother who’s unwavering commitment to justice, freedom and love have paved a way for a liberal generation such as mine.

My future plan is to release this EP early next year and begin work on an album. For now, I’m recording a new project with my friend and DJ/Producer Peter Matson in New York City which will be part of a DJ collaboration project I’m working on designed to feature dynamic DJs who’s work and style I admire.“



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