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Aero Manyelo Boiler Room Set

As Aero Manyelo gets ready to embark on his European tour, this Boiler Room video is a perfect chance to witness his skills as he flexes for the crowd at the Stay True event in Johannesburg. You’ll recognize a few tracks off of his recent Herbs Abroad and Dictionary of Herbs releases.

01.Tshunga (Main mix) – Aero Manyelo

02.Mooki – Aero Manyelo

03.Rena Fela – Aero Manyelo

04.Bloom (Lane 8 remix) – Odesza

05.Black Blue Green – Aero Manyelo

06.Imhlola ka James ft. Big Nuz – Aero Manyelo & DJ Tira

07.Herbal Heal – Aero Manyelo

08.YOH – Aero Manyelo

09.BamBoy ft. Nuherb – Aero Manyelo

10.One more time ft. Romanthony – Daft Punk

11.Rula – Aero Manyelo