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September 26, 2009 Kommentare deaktiviert für Akwaaba Sem Transporte review in Clark (fr) Views: 2841 Akwaaba Sem Transporte, Angola, Front Page, kuduro, News, press

Akwaaba Sem Transporte review in Clark (fr)


Pretty fancy…. Clark is one of the sharpest culture mags in France at the moment, and it is a pleasure, scratch that, an honor to be featured in their pages!

In their own words (somewhat adjusted by our Franco-American team!):

„First compilation dedicated to kuduro from Angola, Akwaaba Sem Transporte is a striking demonstration of the creative potential within this unclassifiable ghetto music, born in the popular neighborhoods of Luanda over 15 years ago. Intoxicating rhythms, MCs burning the mic up, a raw, rugged sound and samples cut with a machete… the 15 tracks are a concentrate of energy straight from the streets, featuring the established names in the genre (Puto Prata, Notie e Día, Zoca Zoca…) as well as the new generation.“

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