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Joey Le Soldat – L’Hivernage


From the album Burkin Bâ out February 11.

Produced by DJ Form for Tentacule Records.

L’Hivernage [the rainy season] is a return to the childhood village. Joey praises the merits of the bountiful rain, saying at the heart of the hot season, rainfall can always come. Before him, Creedence Clearwater Revival sang Who’ll Stop The Rain, a metaphor asking who would stop the Vietnam war, right as the Nixon presidency disintegrated. Today, Joey Le Soldat says in essence that all forms of hope are allowed, even within the harshest of conditions. There is no doubt the recent January 18 demonstrations, during which rain came miraculously, are nourishing this hope for change. Far from a grumbling, rearguard battle, Joey Le Soldat and a handful of other African rappers are writing the soundtrack of a future where everything now seems possible.“

Florent Mazzoleni, writer and author of „L’Epopée de la Musique Africaine“ (The Epic of African Music), „Afro Pop: L’Age d’Or des grands orchestres Africains“ (Afro Pop:The Golden age of the great African orchestras, „Memphis: Aux racines du Rock et de la Soul„(Memphis, at the root of rock and soul).


Farmer I salute you
The first rain, marking the Hivernage, has come
Once more we are all going to the fields to plant seeds
A new rainy season is given to us, it’s time to plow
May the Gods bring rain so the season is plentiful
May the Gods bring rain so the harvests are plentiful

First Verse:
A big cloud darkens nature
I invoke: come, cloud, to water the land
Come down so the season is good
It’s the rainy season, the weather is gentle, the grasses have grown back
Goodbye great heat
In the Mossi language we say
„when the fig tree recovers its leaves the rainy season is coming“
So farmer, hang on and don’t let go
I know it’s hard at times but your craft is noble
By these words I come to praise your work

Second Verse:
In my land it’s the rainy season
Mother nature wore her prettiest dress
I admire her greeneries
It is raining in my village
Goodbye April heat, long period of heat
Rainy season in our villages
From the morning and the rooster’s crow
Man, woman and child
A cart and a donkey are back on the road to the fields

It is raining in my village
Me, from my window
I’m looking at the rain.

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