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Mutombo da Poet – #SociallyYou

SociallyYou Cover

Mutombo returns with #SociallyYou, a commentary about the way social media is taking over human interactions in Ghana and beyond. He tells me: “One evening I was coming home, I was tweeting behind the wheel. On the radio [they were talking about] how you shouldn’t be on the phone and driving at the same time. I was also getting complaints about friends and family about how I am always on my phone. So it hit me: why don’t I write about this internet social media thing, how we are so into our smartphones, and don’t have time for our friends, for the people standing next to us. That’s how this whole social use track came about.”

The beat is by Kweku Ananse, longtime Mutombo collaborator. “I’ve been working with him a lot, when he produces for you there are no rules, he tells you to mess with the beat, it’s very easy and fun. And his production has these African elements in it, which I like so much.”

Mutombo plans on releasing one song and one video regularly until the release of his second full length album next year. So expect an ongoing avalanche of dopeness.

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