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May 26, 2018 Comments Off on Video: Max Le Daron feat. Joey Le Soldat “Monin’ Guetin” Views: 1834 Burkina Faso, Max Le Daron, Monin' Guetin

Video: Max Le Daron feat. Joey Le Soldat “Monin’ Guetin”

Sneak peak from Max Le Daron‘s upcoming EP due out… tomorrow! Straight from the streets of Ouagadougou, Joey Le Soldat is back, spitting his furious Mooré verses over Max’ twisted afrohouse beat, with additional production by Lowup label-mate Gan Gah. The chorus and title “Monin’ Guetin” means red eyes, it’s a reference to an old Mossi proverb which says “When I speak to you, your eyes turn red”, which in essence means that the truth disturbs. Joey refers to the difficult political, economical and social issues faced by the Burkinabè youth, and fills the void of voices carrying the truth to the people.  The video was shot in Ouagadougou by Drasco Jah, and premiered yesterday at Complex.