This is a street anthem!! Gaining waves in Nigeria, Ghana and Africa Beyond. This song is loved by the huslters(Fraud Boys , Scammers and Etc) . Victor Ad talks about his struggles to make it in life . He asks the question ” Wetin We Gain ? ”  to say ; after all his struggles in life if he gets money and doesn’t buy a Benz … What has he gained ?? Nothing!!.

Oluwa magbegbe mi “ Lord Dont Forget Me , I want all this money I no wan take the same step wey I take last year wey no work for me oh (Wey no work for me) He prays ; Lord Dont Forget Me i dont what to follow the same steps i took last year that didnt work . Lead me to something new (finding a new hustle ) which will make him loads of money.

(Phone rings) Phone dey ring
Na family dey call oh
If no be billing, na something dey sup oh
Anyhow e be, omo money is involve oh  ; Anytime his phone rings its his family calling asking for money or there is an issue at home that will involve money he doesn’t have.

Oluwa bless me ’cause I no fit dull oh
So much pressure on a male figure
I say in dollar, I still want that 10 figure
I need the kind money wey go make Dangote say
“Who be this black skin man wey dey worry am?” ; God Should bless him because he is tired , there is too much pressure on him and he wants 10 figures in dollars in his account. He needs money to make Dangote (Richest Man in Africa) ask questions about him .

Wetin We Gain basically talks about a young-man street hustling and doing anything possible to make it in life to buy a car and a house. He says if he fails to buy a benz he hasn’t gained anything in Life!!


Lala Shishi – explain the song, in Ga.

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