My level is the biggest song from Shatta Wale this year. Its a street anthem and its currently enjoying radio and club plays all over the country. On My Level, Shatta Wale talks about how far he is come in this industry. Starting of as Bandana , going on a hiatus and returning as Shatta Wale to become one of the biggest acts in Ghana.

“Maybe today I no get nothing But tomorrow I go get something And I go buy motor for mama oh But the enemy wan worry me I go show all ah dem tragedy  Its no secret that wale holds his mother very dear. In this song he talks about how he has nothing, but he is very confident of getting money in the future and buying a car for his mother. Should anyone (Haters) try to stop him from getting there, he is going to hurt them.

My Level is no doubt a Christmas banger. Whiles we enjoy this melodic tune it doesn’t hurt to know the story behind the lyrics..

Lala Shishi – explain the song, in Ga.

Every week, we will shed some light on the meaning of current hits in and out of Ghana: many bangers have an underlying message or social commentary, carried out using sophisticated and ever evolving wordplay – an aspect that is vastly lost in translation. The music videos don’t always unlock the true meaning or intricacies of hit songs, and lyrics alone are not always enough to understand the numerous double entendre and wordplays, so… here we go!