This is the hottest hiphop song in Ghana at the moment.  Advice is a song by the highest ” Sarkodie” , he freestyles off instrumentals to Joey B & La Meme gang’s  song ” Stables”, to deliver a diss aimed at Shatta Wale. The song is deep and contains some interesting lines hence its feature on La La Shishi.

  In recent times, Shatta wale has been throwing shade and subtly dissing Sarkodie. In one interview he called Sarkodie and Stonebwoy Poor. Two of the biggest musicians in Ghana poor? thats ridiculous. Sark starts by saying he went through some challenges last year , the music industry’s future is not promising and when colleagues (Shatta Wale) enjoy image tarnishing when their hype is dying there is something definitely wrong with the music industry. ” If being poor be like me, then father I beg you just bless me with poverty ” ; sark seeks to let people know he is very rich and if Wale thinks he is poor then God should bless him with more poverty.

 “Your whole bank account no fit buy you one tear-rubber Vogue : Sark says wale brags about money but he cant afford a brand new Range Rover Vogue with all the money in his account. ” Mempɛ kasa, but I’m touching on a few things , Gyae alumi ne shɛ na kɔ shɛ coolblinks ,Paul a w’ama ntem ne fame no fo fo no Akwadaa w’ani y’atera w’ani ntɔn ,Yeya wo papa a wo werɛ afi sɛ wobɛ too no W’anhu hwee kraa no nsem pii na ɛtotoo no” – Literally, Sark says He doesnt like talking but he needs to touch on a few things to set the record straight. He says wale wears fake chains “Gyae alumi ne” he needs to buy original. ” Paul a w’ama ntem” is a twi saying which means the Bible Paul didn’t start ministry early but he achieved more than many who came before him.

Sark uses this saying to mean Wale didn’t come early but the fame he has is worrying him. ” Me gye me ho di nti mo ntumi mma me tension , Bra na me nkyerɛ mu branding ansa na ma kɔ pension ,Me ma mo hypertension ” Sark emphasizes his growth and seniority in the music industry by saying he believes himself so no one can give him tension , he has a solid brand and before he retires he needs to teach people how to brand themselves. “Confidence is when you able to compliment people without you feeling insecure , So if you feel say you’ve got it, no need to downplay the next man Wosuro no na fiɔ” Sakr highlights Shatta Wales insecurity by saying he needs to be able to compliment people without feeling insecure. Wale usually compliments artists and later disses them which is a sign of hatred and insecurity. 

Sark goes in again in the last verse by saying ” Attention seeking is not bad but too much of it is chronic disease , Sɛ nka social media trend na ɛma nipa yɛ relevant anka obia’a ɛn feature Mugeez
Sesei sɛ me wu a, agor worɔ w’ani so yi, who can I trust to control the kids ” ; 
Wale as over the years used insults on other people to gain attention for his upcoming projects. It is rumored that this diss/beef with Sarkodie is to promote his upcoming album “Reign” . In this verse sark advices that attention seeking is good but too much of it is bad. He also says if that is what is going to make an artist relevant nobody will feature Mugeez ( R2bees) who is rarely seen on social media or TV but is one of the most featured acts in Ghana.

  Advice is an interesting piece of art and we all must listen and apply it in our lives.. We wait to see if Shatta Wale has a reply to this..

Lala Shishi – explain the song, in Ga.

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