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Just A Band: Kudish! The Sound of Soup

Straight from Just A Band‘s website:

From the first time we ever went on stage (in August 2008 – nerve-wracking!) for live performances and/or DJ-sets, we’ve always prepared some remixes of our own songs (and other Kenyan songs we like) to play before we start or after we finish. We’ve never released any of those remixes until today!

We’ve been asked many times to put those mashups and remixes together, so after Daniel unleashed a particularly fun set at the Kudishnyao street party, we figured we should put them together. Here’s “Kudish! The Sound of Soup”, available as a free download courtesy of Bandcamp (which is the coolest music platform we’ve ever worked with). It’s a collection of music we wish we could hear on radio. Grab it and play it loud, and most of all – tell us what you think! 😀

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