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September 15, 2016 Comments Off on Ibaaku @ Trans Musicales Views: 3874 Ibaaku

Ibaaku @ Trans Musicales

We’re very proud to annonce that Ibaaku will perform at the much coveted Trans Musicales festival in Rennes (France). Great write-up on their site, here’s the translated version:

Men come from Mars, women from Venus. Ibaaku says he comes from Galsen. We know little about this planet, besides that its orbit sometimes coincides with Saturn’s, home to Sun Ra, pioneer of Afrofuturism, this cosmic reinterpretation of Black Music, which contributed to the shaping of a Black identity. Jazz however did not fuel the ship which carried this multifaceted creator to Dakar. Hip hop did. A hip hop freed from its monologues, distilled in the most experimental electronic mixture, fused with Senegalese specificities , a sound whose iridescence evokes the Beat Scene federated in LA around Flying Lotus. Simply staggering.

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