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June 14, 2013 Comments Off on Didjak Munya Album Launch in Kinshasa Views: 2874 Diata Sya, DRC, Oxygène

Didjak Munya Album Launch in Kinshasa


Didjak is one of the most tenacious artists I’ve met: he’s managed to self produce a full album, featuring some of the continent’s greatest voices, in a city famed for its music – and for how expensive and difficult it has become to record music. Kinshasa once had the greatest musical output in all of Africa, but these days the ratio between production costs and sales makes it almost impossible to release a full studio album. Case in point, even the biggest names in Congolese music seem to only be releasing live albums these days. But this situation hasn’t stopped Didjak, who’s been working on his sophomore album for a few years now. You can read more about Didjak’s story here, and if you happen to be in Kinshasa this weekend, make sure to check out the launch for the album Africa Numero 1 calls “simply genius”. Listen to the full album below, and grab the free magical single Nakozonga, featuring the famed first bars from Ernesto Djédjé‘s classic hit Ziboté: