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December 13, 2010 Comments Off on 12/17 DE: Akwaaba night at Surprise Club in Berlin Views: 2988 BBRAVE, Blog, Front Page, Gigs, News, nightlife, Top News

12/17 DE: Akwaaba night at Surprise Club in Berlin


Now THIS here is an exciting event… lately, Akwaaba’s so-called “Label Boss” (what a dubious expression!!) aka BBRAVE has been rocking more tropical / electro- oriented dancefloors. Now he is invited to make some noise at Surprise, Berlin’s most notorious African club. So expect a heavy set of straight up African jams, from Naija to Soukous to – of course – plenty of hiplife, coupé décalé, and hopefully enough kuduro to make the (Angolan) owner jump!!! Get the full scoop and RSVP here.

And we got some friends onboard!! First, our homies from Nairobi and Amsterdam, This Is Africa, who are bringing some TIA goodies to the table… and speaking of goodies, we recently discovered Mbóte, which makes delicious ready-made specialties from the Kongo terroir… yum yum yum from here to there and back. Swing by for a taste of Africa!!!

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