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Art Melody – Moogho

July 30, 2015 Comments Off on Art Melody – “Micro Makré” Views: 3127 Art Melody, Moogho

Art Melody – “Micro Makré”

This is the first preview off of Art Melody‘s upcoming fourth album, Moogho, which means “world”: the last couple of years have seen Art Melody touring and collaborating with artists from three different continents – Moogho itself was recorded between Burkina Faso, Ghana and France.

Micro Makré means “Mic check” in Mooré, the Mossi language of Burkina. Like an MC about to burst onto the mic, Art Melody pays hommage to the unified, powerful voice of the Burkinabè people, who stood up together on October 30 & 31, 2014, and put an end to president Blaise Compaoré’s 27 years in power.

Art Melody says: “If the mayor of the city only builds bars for the youth, then clearly we have reckless leaders. The youth holds diplomas but finds no jobs, instead they rival and evaluate each other in cases of beer, whisky and cigarettes. They are getting wasted, while the country needs to be built up.”

“People of Burkina, let’s get up, women and men of the Faso, if we sleep, we’re dead. If we’re dead, the country doesn’t exist anymore. Our country will never grow while people are laying down, so don’t sleep, and don’t forget the country needs us to develop, we must all rise in the same direction.”