Akwaaba Sem Transporte


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Transportation is difficult to come by in Luanda. the sprawling, overpopulated capital of Angola. Candongueiros, the blue and white minivans criss crossing the city, are never numerous enough. Imagine potholes, corrupt cops, beat up engines, Luanda’s infamous traffic, and most importantly: distorted subwoofers pounding out the latest kuduro mixtapes.

Kuduro is the sound of the streets of Angola. Kuduro is the music kids hum and dance to. Kuduro is a way out of the ghetto. Kuduro has taken Angola by storm, since its creation in the mid-90s to its acceptance by the government only a decade later.

Yet Angolan kuduro, is still far removed from the rest of the world, despite an increasing Western interest in kuduro, or at least its Portuguese and French cousins. While major labels are competing in vulgarity and blandness with their kuduro comps, we chose to bring the sound of Angola to your ears. Unpolished, untamed, grimy and raw.

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