Akwaaba Music is a label and agency based in Accra, Ghana. It was founded by Benjamin Lebrave in San Francisco in 2008. At the time many kinds of contemporary African music were mostly unavailable, so Benjamin decided to develop a distribution network to connect African artists to the world.

Benjamin moved to Accra in 2011, as soon as internet access made it possible to run the label from there. Since then, Akwaaba has diversified its activities: it now operates a studio, a publishing company, provides consulting services to various organizations, and more importantly: we still promote and distribute music globally.

We are not limited by genres, but rather by lack of access, so you will find a very wide range of sounds in our catalog, from an equally wide range of artists. We are also hardly limited in the range of our activities: we’ve distributed entire catalogs, produced international tours, curated musical and cultural programs, facilitated all sorts of collaborations, shared insight and mentorship with artists and professionals alike: our driving mission is to connect, our expertise is easing bottlenecks.