About Akwaaba

Akwaaba Music is a label and agency based in Accra, Ghana. For fans we offer a window onto some of the most exciting artists and sounds emerging from all over the African continent. For artists, we offer a wide range of services to ensure the music is available and monetized globally.

The pillars of our work are:

distribution: we focus on digital platforms, the only way to make the music available quickly all over the world

marketing & promotion: together with the distribution, we spread the word about releases through social media and our vast international network of industry professionals

publishing & licensing: we ensure our artists collect all the royalties they are due, and actively seek out further opportunities to capitalize on their works

Producing new artists in our recording studio in Accra

– Producing international tours for our artists

We are known for working with some of the most innovative creators in Africa, artists who are shaping the future of the continent, who’s work and vision have been recognized by countless influencers and publications. Our artists have been featured in CNN, KCET, TV5France 24, BBC, RFI Boiler Room, France Inter, FaderAfropunk, Radio Nova, Thump, Indieshuffle, XLR8R, Earmilk and countless other media outlets.

About our team: Benjamin Lebrave, founder

Lebrave_portrait_dec2015Benjamin Lebrave is a digital media entrepreneur based in Accra, Ghana, graduate of Paris Tech with a double masters degree in statistics and economics. Lebrave spent 7 years working in the music and digital media industries in California, acquiring expertise and a far reaching network across key domains such as licensing and publishing, digital distribution, marketing and PR. In 2011 he chose Accra as his base, traveling regularly across continents to strengthen African music industries at home, diversify their integration into global markets, and ultimately support more diverse and dependable revenue streams. Read more about him here:

France 24 video interview | i24 video interview | TrueAfrica articleFader article

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