Akwaaba Music is an Accra-based label and agency, founded in 2008 by Benjamin Lebrave.

The label came up at a time when most African artists remained excluded from major music platforms and markets. The situation has continuously improved since, yet support and infrastructure remain scarce for a wide range of artists – even entire genres.

Akwaaba fits where it is most needed: distributing and marketing releases is still our foundation, but we also operate a recording studio, we organize international tours, we are a publishing company with a solid track record of sync licenses, and we have become a trusted partner for artists as well as brands and institutions looking to develop music-based projects.

We are not limited by genre or geography; as you browse our site you may come across the electronic experimentations of Dakar-based Ibaaku, the centuries old melodies of Osei Korankye and his Ghanaian seperewa harp, or the rugged Sahelian flow of burkinabè rapper Art Melody. We hope you allow the music to surprise you. We hope its stories seduce you, and draw you one step closer to the wealth, diversity and potential of Africa.